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The Porsche 917 project was started by Ferdinand Piech in July 1968 as he wanted to win Le Mans for his uncle, Ferry Porsche. He succeeded on the 14th June 1970 when Porsche won Le Mans outright for the first time with a Porsche 917K driven by Herrman/Attwood. See our complete list of 917 race results.

Since that magical date, Porsche has continued to win at Le Mans and with 16 wins they continue to be the most successful manufacturer at Le Mans despite not competiting in the top class since 1998 (Audi ushered in a new era by winning in 2000 and now hold 10 outright wins).

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The Porsche 917 set an important record in 1971 when the Martini-liveried 917K driven by Gijs van Lennep and Helmut Marko completed 397 laps and achieved an average speed of 222.304kph (138.140mph) on the then still largely chicane-free circuit. It took almost 30 years to be improved upon, and it was Audi in 2010. This record was helped by this specific 917 being an experimental car with a lightweight magnesium chassis that helped the weight be just 800kg (and with 600hp) - why not see more in our detailed 917 specifications page

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